I am Ywe Cærlyn AKA Beethovens Inner Talent, Bit. And run my own label b 5 s.

And I am a devoté (arabic: muzlim)

I grew up in a G~d society, and became interested in Truth nearing my teenager years.

I started using the Commodore 64, an early homecomputer, in the 80s. I saw it as intelligent and compatible with The Giad. When I was an adolescent I tried some programming myself also. “Hacking” as some call it. And started thinking of what the optimal OS would be. La Hak also being a name of The Giad in romic arabic, meaning The Truth. Then on Amiga, a followup early multimedia computer, I did music for “The Demoscene”. A related phenomena where people competed in skill. And participated afterwards in the evolving Tech music genres. Glowstick also a compatible symbol. It was a sphere where Sin was used in electronic schematics. And Sid was used for homecomputer design. And Ta was used for synthesizer design, and notes. They are all concepts of The Giad, from The Kuran. And some used the peace greeting, that is from monotheism. And everybody wanted fair pay. And later as I got deeper into philosophy, I became a devoté. Devotism to me is a religion that restates about the prophets, and corrects regressions. And The Kuran states “deal justly”, and fits perfect for background on bitstreams, on b 5 X. And concluded that Tui, is the giad like native for romic alphabet. And I use the Oswald Google Font digitally, that reflects this.

This website is based on my own personal research of Devotism (arabic: Izlam). It correlates much with the “Kuran Alone” camp. (Not the moon-sects). It is similar to a school of Shia.

There is no Giad, but Tui, The Good, The Beneficient.

Please read my posts for more.

I can be contacted at Ywe_C bit-b-5-s.net

The Serene Be With You.