Category: Philosophy

  • Jonathan In The Jungle

    One of my favorite books is Jonathan In The Jungle. I read it as a child, and last time I was at the library, I actually read up on the other books in the series. Very nice childrens books.

  • Roundabout Art

    It is common several places with roundabout art. It has been a debated topic, and I can´t see what the point of idols in a roundabout is about. It is of Elf.

  • Taó

    Taó is a chinese concept. It revolves around paradoxes, and it seems the chinese symbol comments on it all. Lao Tzu was tired of Adams DÜEUS, and rather made something of his own. So it actually was DÜEUS once. And DÜEUS for romic script, is Tui.

  • Kuran Translation Research

    I became a devoté (muzlim) a bit over 20 years ago, and has studied The Kuran extensively since then. It has become good research on Kuran translation. Indeed, some work is still left on that, for a native to romic alphabet, Devotism (Izlam) translation. Key expressions need to be as close to native in romic…

  • Sami / Viking / Varanger

    In Norway we have the “Sami” people. It seems to have a muzlim angle. La Sami is a name of the kuranic giad. On the Diermes idol, we can see hints of that Saxons came to Sami parts of Norway, and tried to launch christanity there, By boat, in the middle ages. They answered with…

  • Satan, Shaytan, Elf

    The christian “Satan” seems a bit different than the correct in right-to-left arabic script concept Iblis Ash Shaytan. Some seem to think it can be intelligent, while Iblis Ash Shaytan is not about intelligence, but idolatry. Intelligence actually is a monotheistic trait. So Satanists who are about intelligence, should really reconsider, if monotheism is really…

  • The Tetragrammon

    The Yehovas Witnesses group is about “The Tetragrammon”, in The Bible, which they claim is about Yehova. Furtermore they say “they have witnesses the truth of this”, which the tetragrammon may also be about. As a symbol it seems to refer a concept of The Giad that is lost, and that it needs to be…

  • Russia, Bukari, Banking

    Russia has become badboys again for waging war. However they also do some other things.They have actually banned Bukari, stating it is terrorist material.I completely agree. Difficult sects seems to be about this one. Russias Giad Бор (pronounced Bor) seems correct in russian aswell. (This is the Ukranian giad aswell.) And they have also started…

  • Yellow Submarine (4K Remaster)

    The famous Yellow Submarine film has been remastered and can be seen in 4K.Many think its about LSD and write it off as pure madness. But did you know it has a muzlim perspective? Viewed as “Iran Muzlim” you actually get this perspective.

  • Bit / Demoscene

    In my teens I was participating in The Demoscene, mostly part of the group Eon. And a phenomena were people competed in skill, on the Amiga homecomputer, an early multimedia computer. The rejected were called “lamers”, which in this context really is a follower of Elf. It became a debated expression and is not used…