Correct Giad is Tui, keywords and spellings

Many take their Giad from The Bible. However these often seem retrofitted to a regressed Bible, that is long from intact.

Instead I encourage that one takes ones Giad from welldone Kuran research, which is an intact revelation.

Adams DÜEUS was a tringular symbol with dot inside. The proto-text on the Dispilio tablet contains for instance an arrow, that probably means “he fell to the earth”. But as such symbols go, they can also be interpreted to mean, one can write to the right, and take out the amanita use. ALLA is written to the right. But in romic arabic, does not support all the features of the romic script, such as cursive, bold etc, and must be written in capital letters. Which written to the right again, in romic scripot os Tui. Then you can also have an alphabet with big and small letters. Tui, Lord of Sirius.

Particulary when one translates Iblis Ash Shaytan (romic arabic) to the native romic: Elf.

Devotism indicates Tui, Elf and correct translation, to be a devoté in romic script.

While ofcourse Tui is the Oft-Forgiving, it is best to be correct on this.

And correct translation includes Cozmos. So the wellknown phrase goes, Tui, Lord of The Cozmos. The Good, The Beneficient.

Which is a good translation, of the romic arabic L Ila, Rabb La Alamin, La Raman, La Rahim.

I use the La prefix, for arabic words using “Al” in right-to-left arabic. Meaning “The”, in general, in this research dialect. Getting as close to the arabic dynamics in romic alphabet as possible.

“God” is an inaccurate word that was retrofitted to a regressed Bible, and for linguistic purposes is best used and corrected as Giad, as in “One Giad”, and used like the arabic Ila.

Sometimes The Kuran uses other prefikses for names of L Ila. Such as An, As, and Ash. They are bidirectional, and one does not need to reverse these prefixes.

And Cozmos in romic script is a similar word to “Alamin” that is used in arabic. The arabic reflects “one Giad”, and Cozmos does so too.
And “universes and earth” also reflects a viewpoint of One Giad.

“And who is the Lord of The Cozmos? He is the Lord of The Universes and The Earth” as is said to Firon in The Kuran.

Historically, the amanita use went out of the concept. Zeus and teo are attempts of this. While Teo seems to be related to christian regressions with a second tree also.

The opening of The Kuran, Alif Lam Mim, may indeed indicate that they used alternate words after Adam. Then Tellus was called Earth and Mona, Moon.

The kuranic initials also represent the original adamic tablet, indicated by “Abjad” also, the name of the arabic alphabet.

Adam may also have been known as Manu, as in Hinduism, and some other philosophies.
Adam really a right-to-left writing of Manu.

The phrase “Original Man,Son of Man/Children of Man/Mankind”, probably influenced by this.

The Dispilio Tablet, contains the worlds first written religion. And uses symbols with meaning to DÜEUS(-symbol). While later one started to type out the sounds, such as in latin alphabet. Which works very well for a digital world, with a keyboard, as one needs just a certain number of keys.

The Kuranic Initials if translated must be represented symbolically.

Alif Lam MīmالمI J p
Alif Lam RaالرI J ,ʾ 
Alif Lam Mim RaالمرI J p ,
Kaf Ha Ya Eyn ṢadكهيعصK ø S E 6
Ta Haطهb øʾ 
Ṭa Sin Mimطسمb 5 p
Ṭa Sinطسb 5
Ṭa Sin Mim طسمb 5 p 
Ya SinيسS 5
Ha MimحمC p
Ha Mim Eyn Sin Qaf حم عسقC p E 5 g
Qaf قg
Nun نU

The Truth is also a name of The Giad, La Hak, in romic arabic. Is “hacker” related?

The Serene is also a name of The Giad. As in the greeting, The Serene Be With You.

The kuranic initials also are known as Muqatta At. They have also been used as concepts of The Giad.

Ancient Egypt has RA.

The note symbols, actually are related to Ta, and also used on many synthesizer designs.

Sin is used in ancient Sumer.

The electronics industry, seem to use Sin on a lot of schematics.

And for the popular in its time Commodore 64 and Amiga, and others, there seems to be a reverse version of Sad, Sid. On those computers represented with a rainbow symbol. Macs Apple symbol seems to be about this aswell. The music genre trance may be related too, as it has its origins with 90s computers, but seems forgotten now.

Eyn is somewhat known in jewish kabbalism, but then associated with regressions. The correct religion is in The Kuran, that deals with monotheism
Which then the typical phrase in standard romic script is:

There is no Giad, but Tui, The Good, The Beneficient.