Buddha, Negation Idols, 2nd Tree Innovation, Tassili

The Buddha idol seem to be a negation idol.

And Mara is a referance to Iblis Ash Shaytan/Elf.

And Buddha seems to have grown up in Hindu society. He probably was someone who corrected himself in this.
Trying to be correct with philosophy is to tangent Devotism.

Originally there was only the tree that Adam wrote the giad had forbidden. It was Amanita Muscaria.

However as time grew, and regressions amounted, it seems a myth of a second tree arised, Hyoscyamus Niger.
We can particulary see this on a mesopotamian idol.

Buddha seems based on this, and that it is a forbidden herb.

It might be known in art, all the way back to Tassili (Africa), which is known for their rock art.

Buddhism later became Zen-oriented.

And Kali of Hinduism is sometimes thought to be a female Buddha.

The Bahai who base themselves on Devotism, claims their leader fulfilled the Maytreya legend.

Devotism, and establishing the worship of Tui, The Good, The Beneficient, is indeed enligthenment.