Kaynuga Tribe / Maadi / Countering Elf With Intelligence / Shia

The founder of Egypt (Misr in The Kuran) seems to be origin of the Kaynuga (Kuran) tribe.

They use intelligence to counter Elf.

Bit also actually is a concept like that. So I am like The Kaynuga Tribe like that. It is even a place in ancient egypt called Buto. They were like Bit in ancient Egypt.

In The Kuran, Du La Karnain, (romic arabic) seems related aswell, and may be the origin of the typical “viking” helmet.

There was a place called Maadi aswell, that seems to be about the same. The shias Madhi may be about this. Which then is a person who counters Elf with intelligence.

Nakada seems to be related aswell, but here they have negation idols that are naked. The myth of the christian naked Adam, is probably an innovation inspired by this. The title “Christ” given to Isa (Kuran) seems related to this aswell. While the name Adam indicates it is not so. This could be called The Christ Paradox. It is not so in The Kuran.

Rome seems to be inspired by this aswell.

The modern day I T is an offshoot aswell, and could even be seen as a sexual orientation in these days.

It could have a main cause: We do not want to be called nerds by christians.

Norway seems to be a related name aswell. (They counter Elf with intelligence).

Also Shia.