Bit / Demoscene

In my teens I was participating in The Demoscene, mostly part of the group Eon. And a phenomena were people competed in skill, on the Amiga homecomputer, an early multimedia computer. The rejected were called “lamers”, which in this context really is a follower of Elf. It became a debated expression and is not used anymore.

It had influences from the C64, where game programmers had pushed the abilities of this computer, often beyond what was though spec. Where I got to know Dex.

And as I turned 18,in 94 the amiga phenomena really was over.

It was an interest for the intelligent. About pushing the computers abilities, to the max. And related code, music graphics.

The main gist of it started in 90, when Cryptoburners “copy party” was busted by Police, and BJ electronics. (This is quite famous in the circles). After this, participants decided to focus on their own productions, and not game piracy.

As part of Eon, I went to some “gatherings” as they were called after this, and had a 1st with music at The Gathering Light 92, with an amiga music “module” as they were called, a file incorporating the samples and notes for the music piece, called B i T Sounds.

And played some bouts of Metroid.

Marid in The Kuran, translates to Demon.

“Eon” is also used by others, such as Eon productions, behind the James Bond series. It can also be represented by a 3. As in System 3, and S3 Graphics.

After this I joined Majic 12. And had a 3rd at The Gathering 93, with Style Blend. (3 votes from 1st.) They are still uploaded to the internet by people.

My official music module collection is here: file archive :: browsing /music/artists/bit/

After this I rather became a tech music artist, using the Amiga still for a while, in Med Res. The Oswald font I use here, actually resembles it! So it already was a precursor to the streaming and higher res version it is now. And I was there when it began and it came from a wish of having an alternative to the idolaterous pop-culture.

And after worked on what became my label, b 5 s.

One could wonder if the demoscenes Bitfellas and Demobit gathering, are later offshoots of my involvement.

Mystical trance, is a part of religious culture many places. Technology trance music was based on this. And really compatible with the muzlim Maruf not Munkar principles. (Take the good, and not the poor). And it was always tech oriented for me, no physical media or related labels, always net and what became streaming, or early BBS and even floppydisk based. Really the belief side of things only.

I was inspired a Trance track, as I was working on the stuff for this website.

I made a little video on Youtube:

Its made with Renoise, a so called tracker music app, which were very popular in the demoscene.

Many believe it is a follow up to earlier mystical tradition.

Some believe the Noaide Sami a precursor. And might have a parallel in Navajo culture.

I also uploaded some earlier stuff to youtube:

Remixed a few years back, with surplus samples of analog synth from the time, and video added, with similar to people from the time. Nazara (the Kuranic term for followers of Isa) is much what inspired my philosophical quest, Originally made with Cubase, as many tried more conventional sequencers for a while. And it was uploaded to the original in 99. And remixed in Logic Audio. 1997 was just before 3d-acceleration really happened, and “demoscene” was at it´s coolest, with handmade algorithms.

The P.L.U.R. (Peace Love Unity Respect) movement was a big thing at the time. They often used the peace greeting, that is from monotheism originally.

And an early track, from my time in the demoscene:

This is from the early 90s, and the demoscene. A phenomena about demo works, distributed on floppy disks and BBS. It used only the 4 channels of the Amiga homecomputer, which was an early multimedia computer. Often also called computer art, and demoscene for some has been a pre-thing, before games company work etc.

Demos in the 90s would feature vector graphics, before the 3d-accelerated games that started coming at the end of the 90s. (Quake 2, Unreal, MDK, Half Life, etc). And such had a bigger interest group than now, when games have mostly taken over the phenomena. For a while there, it was done in software though, and optimal fast code really mattered. One can wonder if the same intent is reflected in tech aswell, where music is very optimally produced.

We didn´t like Bill Gates (The Atheist) back then, and his “no self-development” windows-idol.