Kuran Alone / Maruf not Munkar

Computers are a great tool for research. And even popculture is online now, with idolatry on Youtube and other places.

But there are devotés there aswell. Ranging from very sectarian hadit supporters, one claiming 12000 Subhan L Ilah, pr day is good, which is more like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), to the more rational “Kuran alone muzlims”, that defend a no-extra-hadit stand.

And I do not necessarily agree with anyone because of claims of being Kuran alone though.

A clear example is the 19’ers, who claim Rashad Khalifa found a mathematical miracle in The Kuran. And distorted verses about Muhammad, to be about himself, and that he was “the messenger of the covenant (deal)” that L Ilah, made with the prophets (of the regressed Bible, that are corrected in The Kuran). The arabic Kuran in verse 74:30 doesn´t really indicate to romicize it as “19”, either but rather nineteen. So people who cling to “19” seem to be really about misromization, an inaccurate “God”, and failure to understand correct verses about “the covenant”.

And the Free-Minds site claims “God Alone”, too, but its icon refers Iehova. Moderation happens according to it, which is not really Devotism. The founder is part of “The Monotheist Group”, and has written The Natural Republic (free-minds.org). I do agree with a republic, as the word implies that those who are fit, should rule.

The general principle of “take the good and not the poor” (Maruf Not Munkar) applies.